Custom Paint / Refurbishing

Custom Paint / Refurbishing


At AT&S, we take pride in the modification work that we do. The most common type of general alteration of an ISO unit is refurbishment and painting. Starting with used or new containers, our refurb/paint process is not just cosmetic; we spend time in the preparation of the unit prior to applying any coating. This includes pressure washing to remove any dirt or dust, grinding down surface issues and straightening out any blemishes or dings. From there, we primer any steel that we may have exposed in an effort to preserve the life of the container. Next, we tape off the rubber seals around the cargo doors for longevity, but keeping in mind the aesthetic of the unit as well. Finally, we spray with direct to metal water-based paint. The finished product is a high quality freshly painted container. We can also apply specialty roof coatings customizable to your specific application. Ask your sales rep about the latest products that we have available!

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