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40ft High Cube One Trip Options

  • Like New Condition
  • Color Options
  • Lock Box Included
  • Eco Friendly Flooring
  • Including Double Door, Open Side, and Single Door One Trip High Cube Containers



Our 40ft high cube one trip shipping containers are manufactured overseas — mainly in Asia — and shipped with a single container cargo load. Once containers reach their destination, they are often available for sale. These containers are an excellent choice because they have not spent time on the ocean or in a container depot / terminal. One trip containers are available worldwide in most port locations. 

The High Cube containers are a popular choice because extra space always comes in handy. High Cubes have an extra foot of height, making the container 9ft 6in tall on the exterior. That extra foot of height gives them more volume, space, and shipping capacity. The extra height makes it easier to load and can fit more items being stacked. The extra foot can make all the difference if storing tall, bulky, or awkward items.

We offer custom modifications on all container sizes, including 40ft high cube containers. Pick-up and delivery options available. Please contact a sales representative for a quote.

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